Our Produce

At Rhubarb & Bramley our main aim is and always will be to purvey quality.

We source our fresh produce where possible from growers in England. Buying direct from the source ensures that our hardworking farmers are benefiting and can continue to keep our British farms up and running.

We have built working relationships with a number of working farms in England. Buying direct from the farm ensures your produce is picked, packed and available in store within a 12 hour window.

We promote to our customers that eating seasonal produce will ensure you are getting the best quality for the best price. Our store is always full of fresh fruits, vegetables and salads that are in season.

Please see below farms where your produce is coming from...

Crockford Bridge Farm

Crockford Bridge Farm

Crockford Bridge Farm is the closest running farm to London. A mere 19.3 miles to our base in Carshalton , Surrey. Family owned and run by Caroline and Paul, they are the definition of British farming at its best. Starting in May with Rhubarb & Asparagus they continue through the summer producing the best strawberries and raspberries we have ever seen, they the finish the season with fresh corn on the cob husks.

Pierce Mill Farm

Pierce Mill Farm

Pierce Mill Farm based in West Kent based 37 miles from Carshalton , Surrey is another fabulous farm we are pleased to be working with. Again a small family run company from August through the autumn months Mike and Tina produce fantastic cherries, Apples and Pears. The flavour and quality of their fruits is outstanding we look forward to every season. Your produce arrives within 6 hours of crops being picked and this is reflected in the taste and quality.